Childbirth Choices & You

These top websites are highly recommended by Sylvia when it comes to educating mother’s in regards to their choices for knowing more about their maternity, birth and postpartum issues that may be experienced.

Lamaze.Org –
An excellent resource for mother’s new and old in regards to birthing information and safety.

Childbirth Connection –
Founded in 1918 as Maternity Center Association, this website currently maintains a wide breadth of information on maternity, labor and postpartum resources.

Mother’s Advocate –
An excellent resource for first time mother’s trying to understand the process of childbirth.

Spinning Babies –
An excellent site for how to help mother’s help their baby get into the right position.

Penny Simkin –
Penny Simkin is an experienced doula who had a wealth of information in regards to realistic issues involving childbirth.

For mothers who have already had a child via cesarean but wish to try for a vaginal birth with their next child.