Skin-to-Skin (Kangaroo Mother Care)

Skin-to-Skin is one of the most important things a new mother (and father!) can do for their child at birth and afterwards.  Skin-to-Skin help promote nursing at the breast and also helps the baby bond and be soothed by either mother or father.


S.O.F.T. –

S.O.F.T shows the steps from birth to first skin-to-skin contact.

Kangaroo Mother Care –
Support for Kangaroo Mother Care based on science and evidence

Skin-to-Skin Contact –
Support for parents & staff on skin-to skin for premature babies

Skin-to-Skin Contact for You and Your Baby
A .pdf on skin-to-skin benefits

Nick Vujicic
The author of Life without Limbs, Nick Vujicic shows that even without arms to hold his child he can do skin-to-skin.

Co-sleeping and Biological Imperatives –