Tongue Tie

Tongue Tie is one of the most common causes for breastfeeding troubles for a new mother and baby.  Tongue-tie often causes multiple issues in regards to breastfeeding and be one of the largest hindrances to breastfeeding a newborn child as many pediatricians and healthcare providers are not always in the know about the severity of tongue tie. Many babies go misdiagnosed and mother’s may give up due to the pain and emotional set-backs they experience as a result.

How to Identify Tongue-Tie
Signs of Tongue Tie – by Dr. Lawrence A. Kotlow
If you identify with most of this list, chances are you may have a tongue-tied baby

The effects of office-based frenotomy for anterior and posterior ankyloglossia on breastfeeding
A paper by pediatric ENT’s Cliff O’Callahan, Susan Macary, Stephanie Clemente  regarding the importance of diagnosing and releasing posterior tongue-tie and it’s effects on breastfeeding. An excellent article to print and bring with you to your pediatrition who may not be familiar with the complications of tongue-tie.

Examining for Posterior Tongue Tie –
Another video showing mother’s how to identify one of the more hidden forms of tongue tie in an infant

Releasing a Tongue-Tie via Laser
iLase on The Dr’s TV Show.  Showing a release of a Lip-Tie.

Tongue Tie Stretches – A visual reference on how to stretch out your child’s tongue after it has been released – Frenectomy Exercises with Melissa Cole of Luna Lactation –  by Dr. Lawrence A. Kotlow – by West Market Dental
Suck Training – Exercises for helping baby learn to suck better.

Tongue Tie Testimonial – An adult woman speaks about her experience with having her tongue-tie released and the benefits it allowed her to have after years of complications with her speech and health

Reflux & Tongue Tie Connection –


Other Excellent Resources – – Dr. Lawrence A. Kotlow
A comprehensive website with articles on tongue-tie and everything you would need to know

Dr. Shervin Yazdi’s Website –
A dentist in Castro Valley who specializes with infant tongue-tie release and also offers additional resources

Catherine Watson Genna –
An IBCLC who works with tongue-tie babies and has published various articles