Welcome New Parents and Pregnant Couples!

Sylvia teaches at St. Rose Hospital classes on Childbirth Preparation, Post Labor Care & Breastfeeding Basics.  For details, check out Sylvia’s Classes at St. Rose.

You can also print out the following flyer for your use on the go  for all available 2018 classes.

2018 Classes Brochure



So you or your partner is pregnant and you are expecting a child. Here are some things that may be of concern and you need answers to:

  1. How do you want the child to be born. From which hospital to who you want assistance from during birth, you can make the decision.
  2. How can the partner help the pregnant person feel more comfortable.
  3. What food to eat that’ll nourish the mother and child.
  4. How to be empowered to give natural birth.


Contact Sylvia Boyd, a specialist in assisting both new and old mothers with their breastfeeding and lactation needs.

Join her Lamaze class. Here you will learn a great deal about childbirth and parenting.

Set up an appointment today! Sylvia has flexible hours and can often see a baby (even twins) within 24 hours or less for urgent needs.  Also, if you have Alameda Alliance Insurance, Lamaze classes at St. Rose Hospital and Breastfeeding Consultations are covered, FREE!