Quick Tips for New Parents

Every new mother has a need for a little extra help, working mom’s especially. Here are some of Sylvia’s favorite links for working mothers (or any mother) who needs that added little bit more.

For New Moms

Holistic Moms – http://www.holisticmoms.org/
A resource for moms and dad with children of any age and future parents as well.  They have events and activities for both working and stay at home parents.

Maternal Health Benefits of Breastfeeding – https://youtu.be/o2XjA4wA4TI

La Leche League – http://www.lllnorcal.org/groups/HaywardCA.html

Secrets of Baby Behavior (Newborns) – http://www.paramountcommunication.com/nwica/Jane_Heinig.pdf
Jane Heinig, PhD, IBCLC

Excess Lipase: Scalding Breast Milkhttp://simplyrebekah.com/2010/05/03/excess-lipase-scalding-breast-milk/
A link in regards to pasteurizing for mother’s who have excess in the enzyme lipase in their breastmilk

CDC Recommendations for Formula Fed Infants – 

CranioSacral Therapy for Breastfeeding Issues – http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/cst/

Don’t Put Baby in a Container: Floor Time is Best – Whether it’s a bumbo seat or an exersaucer, many parents look for ways to help keep their babies safe and, well, contained. Unfortunately some of these items can not only cause motor delays down the road, but they can also be unsafe.

Establishing Tummy Time Routines –  Tummy Time helps to build the strength and coordination needed for rolling over, crawling, reaching, and playing. Remember that all babies benefit from Tummy Time, including newborns.

Baby Wearing International – For all your baby wearing needs.


For New Dads

24-hour Cribside Assistance – http://www.newdadmanual.ca/

Postpartum Dads – http://www.postpartummen.com/


For Both Parents 

WIC of Alameda County http://www.wicprograms.org/co/ca-alameda
For parents in need to extra financial assistance.